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Shopping Cart Software - why customer care is important

Shopping Cart Software - why customer care is important

Usability is the first key issue when customers make use of your shopping cart software: complicated navigability, slow loading sites (use low resolution graphics if possible) and glitches in shopping cart software (error messages, and the like) are all surefire ways to lose customers.

Reassurance is another key issue: be sure to gain your customer's trust by prominently displaying your Secure Server Certificate and your privacy policies on your home page - and even on the footer of every interior page of your shopping cart software pages. Be upfront about the way you deal with your customers' information and who you sell it to - make the 'opt out' option the default option: customers prefer being able to opt in to services like this, and giving them the option gives your company a good reputation. Make sure, too, that you inform your customer properly about your products: your brochure pages should have everything that a mail order catalogue has, including sizes, colors and anything else applicable. A Frequently Asked Questions page is a useful addition - when compiling it, try to put yourself in your customer's shoes.


Once a customer is browsing through your shopping cart software, one application to track their progress through the site is LivePerson (see www.liveperson.com), an order management plugin that allows customers to click on a 'Live Help' button that draws your attention to an indecisive customer or a customer with usability difficulties. Your staff can then offer them help in real time and convert indecision into sales.

Once a customer has made it to the checkout and placed their order, it's important to make regular contact with them: acknowledge receipt of their order payment, allow them to track the location of their product using order management and financial tracking software and be sure to tell the customer about your company and its product news. And if a customer has a query, be sure to respond quickly, and personalize your response as far as possible.

Finally, it goes without saying that online incentives are a great way to entice people back; a programme like SalesCart Pro (www.salescart.com) is one that offers online coupons, a discount wizard, 'email a friend' and wishlist options, so make sure customers on your emailouts are aware of these offers.