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PHP Shopping Carts

PHP Shopping Carts

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, and, like ASP, is a dynamic script language used in building shopping carts. It works as fast as Perl, but requires less processing power and more memory than its predecessor. Of the PHP shopping carts on the market, X-Cart Gold is popular and is at the cheaper end; it includes advanced shopping cart functionality, web-based administration, order management systems and can accept payments online (plus free access to future versions) and has strong payment gateway support. X Cart's LiteCommerce PHP shopping carts don't as many features as X-Cart Gold, but it's cheaper and good value, and a wise choice for companies on a small budget. Find both X-Cart Gold and X-Cart LiteCommerce online at www.x-cart.com.


The award-winning Actinic (www.actinic.com) software has attracted superlatives from its users and is popular for its flexible site management and order processing. Praised for its more aesthetic qualities is the software from Airvae Commerce - airvaecommerce.com - it's rated very highly if you have the budget. www.PHPbuilder.com is a useful tutorial and information site and includes a number of downloads.