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ASP Shopping Cart

ASP Shopping Cart

ASP is a shopping cart software script. The acronym stands for Active Server Pages, and the script was originally constructed to be a dynamic web script to interface with Windows NT (the traditional web script HTML is a static script, and therefore could not be used with a dynamic interface like shopping cart software). Those programming and building a cart themselves tend to find the ASP script easier to use than PHP software, though ASP is not considered as powerful. Of the ASP shopping carts available on the market, 1ShoppingCart.com (www.1shoppingcart.com) has been praised for its easy configuration and free upgrades and has a number of versions, depending on whether your business is venturing into the field of e-commerce for the first time, or whether you are a more advanced user. Quadcomm (www.quadcomm.com) has attracted plaudits for its net support and customization capabilities. Another programme that has received praise for its net support is Comersus (www.comersus.com) - users also liked its flexible payment option and easy configuration.


PDShopPro - developed by Page Down Technology (www.pagedowntech.com) - has also earned itself a good reputation; users say it's easy to set up and customize, and included a professional and well thought out design. VP-ASP (www.vpasp.com) comes highly recommended by users who want complete control over their site - it comes with lots of order management and financial tracking, security and database features, and good technical support for the vendor.