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Buying wholesale office supplies

Buying wholesale office supplies

Wholesale office supplies are usually reserved for office supply distributors who buy to resell but it is possible for the average consumer to buy in bulk from wholesale companies. Buying wholesale can save businesses quite a tidy sum on their annual office supply expenditures; the downside is you do need to buy in bulk. This makes it a practical solution for large companies or businesses that use a lot of a particular product, such as printing paper.

There are a number of ways to go about finding a wholesaler who is prepared to sell to general consumers:


•  The phone book is the most practical place to start. Look for wholesalers or wholesale distributors under the office supply category and call to find out if they have special hours for the general public. When wholesalers sell to the general public they normally mark the prices up slightly but despite this they are still lower than retail prices.

•  Getting recommendations from colleagues can be a good way to source reliable wholesale office suppliers but joining business associations is an excellent way to make the most of group buying power. Many associations offer access to lower prices through special deals or buying from wholesalers.

•  Look into applying for a resellers or business license. Once you have one of these wholesalers will be more than happy to serve you.

•  While wholesale office supplies are the cheapest on the market, it may be more practical to buy from a warehouse store. Warehouse stores do offer prices very similar to those offered by wholesalers but they also throw in a few extra services to make it worth your while.

Warehouse distributors versus wholesale office supply stores

A few advantages of buying from warehouse stores as apposed to buying wholesale office supplies are as follows:

•  Many offer a two percent return on annual expenditures with an 'executive card'.

•  Often offer other services such as installation services, film processing, pharmacies and even vehicle services to appeal to more customers and make membership fees worthwhile.

•  Offer a wide range of products from baby clothes to office supplies.

•  Temporary passes allow potential customers to browse through their selection.