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Storage cabinets

Storage cabinets

Storage cabinets are a necessity in every business, from small home-based offices to massive corporations. Storage needs range from basic shelving for ring binders to versatile cabinets for multi media storage but despite these different requirements there is one feature that is commonly desired: the ability to save precious floor space. Other desirable features include flexibility, durability, ease of use, safety and security.

When choosing storage cabinets for your office the first thing you should to do is assess your storage needs. What media need to store? How much room do you have for storage? Will the stored items be accessed frequently? You need to know the answers to these questions before you even go out shopping for storage units. Once you know what you need it is easier to choose from the wide range of storage cabinets available because your requirements will help you narrow your search considerably.


For the sake of simplicity, storage units have been broken down into three basic categories:

Space savers

One of the most innovative space-saving designs is the vertical storage cabinet. Vertically designed cabinets are the best option if floor space is limited because they are made to stand upright which means they take up considerably less space than lateral cabinets. Metal vertical filing cabinets are already a favorite in most offices for filing purposes but for storing ring binders and media, deep drawers aren't the most practical option.

Storage carousels are a good solution to this problem. They consist of upright units with rounded shelving that rotate independently of one another. Storage carousels take up almost 50 percent less space than ordinary shelving and can also come as enclosed cabinets with lockable sliding doors. These carousels can be used to store ring binders, level arch files, CD's, DVD's, videotapes and books. They are also easily expanded as extra tiers can be added later.

Multi-purpose storage cabinets

Storage cabinets capable of storing a number of different types of files and media are available in a range of designs to cater for a variety of needs. They include roll-out drawers for media such as CDs and videotapes, roll-out drawers with hanging frames for filing, shelves for ring binders, slotted shelves with dividers for books and other literature, slotted shelves for forms. These shelves are generally vertical in design.

Other multi-purpose storage cabinets cater to more specific needs, such as multi-media storage. Multi-media cabinets can be lateral or vertical and use roll-out drawers with dividers for increased versatility. The dividers make it easier to organize different media in the drawers. The drawers can hold CD's, videotapes, cassette tapes and DVD's.


Most metal and wood storage cabinets come with lockable drawers or sliding doors in compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). For increased security there are steel storage cabinets available that have been specially designed for added resistance to fire and forceful impact. However, these can be expensive so it may be more suitable to get a safe for sensitive documents and media.

Other safety and security measures include drawer stoppers to ensure the drawers don't fall out when opened and counterweights to make sure the cabinet doesn't fall over when heavy drawers are opened.