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How to find reliable office supplies

How to find reliable office supplies

Finding reliable office supplies is simply a case of careful shopping. Comparing prices, reading reviews and basing your choices on more than just low prices is all part of a good shopping strategy that will help you find the best products without breaking the bank. The following guide offers a few tips on how to become a wise shopper.

Tips for finding independent online store reviews and reliable office supplies:


•  If you're reading this page then it's safe to assume that you already know that the internet is a good place to start your search. You'll find price comparisons and reviews online and it's easy to research the range of products available with a bit of time spent surfing the net.

•  Read consumer store and product reviews online. Make sure the reviews come from independent sources though and not the marketing manager of the company involved. Check reviews on several sites to make sure you're getting a rounded opinion. Websites like consumerreports.org and associations like the Better Business Bureau can be very good resources for researching certain products or companies.

•  Get recommendations for stores, retailers and products from colleagues and friends.

•  Always make sure you know exactly what you need from your office equipment and how much you have to spend before you start placing orders.

•  Always ask questions and beware of clever sales pitches and pushy salesmen.

•  Make sure you know what the return and exchange policies are before you buy or sign anything.

•  Read the small print on warranties and contracts to make sure you are clear on all terms and conditions.

•  File all receipts and warranties as proof of purchase in case of any complaints.

•  Don't make your decisions based on sale prices or discount prices alone. It is possible to buy reliable office supplies at discount prices but this combination can usually only be found at wholesalers or contract stationers. Other companies tend to mark up prices on other products to make up for the discounted prices.

•  Never pay up front for office supplies over the phone.

Opting for well-known brands and manufacturers is one way to ensure you are getting good quality products but the best way to find reliable office supplies is to go out and look for them. Order samples from a variety of suppliers and decide which you prefer but make sure the supplier is as reliable as the products before you commit to a sale.