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Office products : The top five

Office products : The top five

Different offices have different needs depending on what sort of business it is but there are a few essential office products that are necessary for the smooth and successful operation of any business. The following is brief list of these prime products, all of which have their own pages on this website describing each product in more detail.

Prime office supplies: the essentials

Computer systems

The workplace has become a digital maze and at the heart of it is the personal computer. Reliable computer systems are vital to the functions of most offices but the world of technology is constantly evolving and many people feel pressured to keep up, which means having to buy the latest gadgets and upgrades. However, the truth is that most people are buying computer office products that they simply don't need. For example, computers that are intended for use primarily for word processing and e-mail don't need a lot of processing power and so buying a cheaper or even an older model will usually suffice.


Phone systems

Phone systems are also important as a connection between a business and their clients and suppliers but the difference is that this connection is more direct. This means it has to be a reliable system but having a good phone system doesn't necessarily mean having the latest and greatest technology installed. The system you require should correspond to your needs so for example, if you are running a small business from your home you are not likely to need an automated attendant option.


Even with the advent of computers, paper documents are still very much a part of office life and in order to turn digital documents into paper copies you'll need a printer. Like all other office products, the type of printer you need depends on what and how much you need to print. Most offices opt for laser printers because even though they may be more expensive initially, laser printers are cheaper to run. Generally, they are also much quicker than inkjet printers which means they are ideal for offices that print a high volume of text documents throughout the day. If you're on a budget or running a home office, multifunction printers or printer copiers can be a good option.

Filing systems

The continued prevalence of hardcopy documents means that filing systems are still necessary for the organization and efficiency of an office. There are three main types of filing systems: modular, mobile and rotary systems. There are also a number of prime office supplies available for desktop filing and these include wall files, desktop drawers and trays.

Storage cabinets

While ordinary office cupboards are fine for storing miscellaneous items such as stationery, other office products may require a bit more organization. Storage units are available for a variety of purposes from high-capacity storage to basic ring binder organization.