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Buying modular office furniture

Buying modular office furniture

Modular office furniture is a smart choice for most businesses, particularly those that predict future growth. Modular systems also provide an efficient solution for large, open plan offices because they can be used to divide the space into individual offices or workstations to reduce noise and increase privacy. Modular systems can also be used for home offices and are an efficient way to furnish your working space.

Generally, most modular office furniture systems come with three main components - the work surface, panels and storage. There are two main types of modular office furniture:


Wood panel-based systems

In panel-based systems the main components are mounted onto the wood panels which support the workstation. They usually come as cubicle units and are flexible in how they can be assembled. If you are looking to convert a large space into smaller, individual work spaces then this is the system to use because they come with internal power supply options.

Panel-based modular office furniture also provides varying degrees of privacy and noise reduction that can be tailored to specific needs; for example in a workspace that will also be used for meetings.


In freestanding systems the furniture and panels are separate. Instead of mounting the furniture onto the panels, the panels are simply arranged around the furniture making this system very flexible. Freestanding modular office furniture is ideal for businesses that expect growth in the future as they can be easily moved and re-arranged to suite the changing needs of the modern workspace.

Helpful tips when buying modular office furniture

Modular office furniture is mass produced which makes it much cheaper than many other furniture options. This means that good quality and well designed furniture is affordable in modular systems. However, it is also possible to be used office furniture and this can be a particularly good deal for start up businesses.

If you're shopping for modular office furniture for your business or home office then knowing what you need is half the battle because it enables you to narrow your search considerably. You need to assess your needs, how much space you have to work with and how much workspace each employee needs. You also need to think about future requirements to ensure the design you choose is flexible enough to change with your business.

Once you know what you need from the furniture, the next step is to find a reliable vendor. Modular office furniture components are often specific to brand and type and so components from one vendor may not compatible with components from another. As it is likely that you are going to need new components or parts in the future so the vendor you choose is quite important.

Modular office furniture systems can cost from $700 to $10,000 per workstation. Prices depend on a number of factors including the materials used and the amount of furniture included. Be sure to order well in advance as delivery can take up to 12 weeks. Always check the warranty because it is a good indication of the predicted life expectancy of the furniture. If possible, combine your order with that of another office as buying in bulk can earn you a discount of up to 50 percent.