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Filing systems : what are the options?

Filing systems : what are the options?

Filing systems are an essential part of every office. Running a business successfully requires good organization and despite the electronic revolution offices still accumulate huge amounts of paper documents that need to be sorted and stored. Even if you run a home office your documents quickly mount up and you need to get a system and the equipment in place to deal with it all efficiently.

Filing can take up a lot of room and so to save as much floor space as possible, filing equipment has been designed with numerous space-saving features.


Home and office filing equipment categories:

Modular filing systems

Modular systems are basically individual cabinets that can be stacked on top of one another to build up a larger unit of any desired size. Lateral cabinets are used for extra stability and can be made from lightweight materials, such as polystyrene, for easy lifting. Modular filing systems come in varying sizes and dimensions ranging from large cabinets for ring binders to smaller, tiered shelving for forms and other paper documents. Modular systems work well in both corporate and home offices and are available for all office supply stores.

Mobile filing systems

Mobile systems are movable shelving systems that eliminate the need for fixed aisles. The shelves are built onto tracks on the floor that enable them to move either laterally or back and forth to create an aisle when it is needed for accessing a particular shelf. These are ideal for offices that require high-capacity filing systems.

There are two types of mobile systems: compact mobile shelving and lateral mobile shelving. Compact mobile shelving systems are shelves that have been built into large carriages and move backwards and forwards to create aisle space on either side of any given shelf. Lateral mobile shelves are similar but they are not built into large carriages and move from side to side rather than back and forth.

Rotary filing systems

There are a number of different designs available when it comes to rotating filing systems but the common objective is to increase the storage capacity of a unit by using the space more efficiently. There are two general types of rotating systems available in office supply stores: rotating cabinets and filing carousels.

Rotating cabinets consist of double sided shelves mounted on a rotating base inside a cabinet. The double-sided shelves spin to allow easy access to both sides while providing double the storage capacity of a single cabinet.

Rotating filing carousels consist of rounded shelves mounted on a central rotating mechanism. This system effectively halves the amount of floor space that lateral shelves of the same capacity would normally take up.