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Where to find discount office supplies

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Finding discount office supplies are only possible by shopping around. While many suppliers advertise discounts, there is no way of knowing how much of a discount you are really getting unless you know what price other suppliers are offering. Many businesses spend more than they need to each year and most could save up to 20 percent just by comparing prices between various office suppliers.

Tips for finding discount office supplies in stores and online



One of the more obvious places to find discount office supplies is in a superstore. These stores are very good at marketing their low prices and by using warehouse stocking they can keep their overhead fairly low. By buying in bulk direct from manufacturers superstores are able to keep prices down on popular supplies such as files and stationery but this does mean compromising on other items. Prices on supplies that are not purchased on a regular basis (i.e. supplies that are not on a list of monthly purchases) are marked up to make up for losses on low cost items.

Mail order

Most medium to large companies rely on mail order vendors for their discount office supplies because they offer easy and convenient services such as online shopping, mail order catalogs, toll free order phone lines and cheap shipping. However, mail order vendors use the same strategy as superstores to keep their prices low and so large companies ordering in bulk on a regular basis may be better off using contract stationers.

Independent stores

Generally prices in local independent stores are higher than superstores, mail order or contract stationers but they are useful for finding items that other stores don't stock because they tend to offer a very broad selection.

Contract stationers

An ideal choice for large businesses, contract stationers offer a good combination of extensive inventories, low prices and convenient service. Contract stationers are competitive and are constantly striving to beat one another with prices. By making a list of the supplies you purchase regularly and getting quotes from at least three suppliers you should be able to find the best prices available. Contract stationers do charge a higher price for items not on your list of frequently purchased items though.

Warehouse clubs

Warehouse clubs are great places to find discount office supplies as their prices are often as low as wholesale prices. However, they may not be the most practical choice for many businesses as the inventory is likely to change frequently. This means you may not be able to get the same products each time you order. However, a warehouse club can be an excellent choice if you're looking to purchase generic office supplies, such as printer paper, files or pens and markers on a regular basis and in large quantities. Take full advantage of rebates and get an executive card that enables you to receive two percent of your expenditure at the end of the year.