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Business stationery : the professional edge

Business stationery : the professional edge

Presenting a professional image is crucial because it gives your company credibility and having good quality business stationery can boost that image considerably. It's not uncommon for businesses to modify their business stationery, however, most of the time these changes are a result of mistakes that could easily be avoided.

If you are having stationery printed it is advisable to do some meticulous planning first because just one number of out of place could cost you quite a lot. The following is a brief description of the most common oversights:



Make sure you print your custom business address and all contact details accurately. However, if there is any possibility that these details will change within six months (or before you use up all the printed stationery) you could just have the business name and logo printed on the stationery and use a laser printer to add your most current details. Choose the stock (or paper) carefully as not all glossy paper is suitable for laser printers.

Business cards

One of the most important pieces of business stationery is the business card because these are normally handed to potential clients and prospects that aren't familiar with your company. That means your business card is their first glimpse of what your business has to offer so it's crucial that you get it right.

First impressions are difficult to shake so make sure your business card has a simple stylish design printed on good quality stock. If you do have a lot of information to include use the back of the card but avoid printing anything unnecessary.

Brochures and leaflets

Leaflets and brochures can last a long time which means certain contact information may be out of date the next time you decide to use them. An economical solution can be to buy a rubber stamp that can be used to stamp these details on. Rubber stamps are a lot cheaper to replace than boxes of printed leaflets though they don't look anywhere near as professional as custom design and printing.

Custom design and printing of business stationery: quick buying tips

•  Remember that cheapest is not always best and avoid offers of free business cards altogether; they often have 'this is a free business card' messages on the back advertising the printing service.

•  Look for an established printer with a good reputation and lots of experience.

•  When ordering online be sure to include precise notes explaining exactly what you want so the printer has as clear an idea as possible.