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Boone office supplies : fine quality presentation products

Boone office supplies : fine quality presentation products

Boone office supplies (Boone was purchased by the now ACCO brands in the late 1990's - http://www.boone.com) are well known for their good quality and reliability. Boone International have been one of the leading brands in presentation products for years and have a wide range of markers, white boards, easels, chalk boards, bulletin boards and a number of presentation accessories in their store range.

Boone presentation products

The most popular Boone office supplies are dry-erase boards and markers which are known for their convenience and ease of use.


Boone dry erase markers are non-toxic, low-odor pens that come in a variety of ergonomic designs that improve both comfort and appearance. Chisel tip, fine tip and bullet tips are available in a range of colors from vibrant lime to the more traditional black and are normally sold in packs of varying color combinations. Features that improve ease of use include caps that fit onto the back of the pen, two-in-one color combinations and DryGuard ink to prevent pens from drying out too quickly.

Dry-erase boards:

Dry-erase white boards are the most popular product among Boone office supplies and cater for a number of different applications. Most are framed with scratch resistant anodized aluminum for durability and can come as either wall-mounted items or larger, stand-alone frames. They range from large, heavy duty boards for use in classrooms or conferences to small, compact boards for use in small offices.

Boone office supplies can be found in most major supply stores. If you're searching online, Office Quarters is a good website to find Boone office supplies while Business Supply is an online store that has received a number of positive reviews. Boone office supplies can sometimes also be found on eBay or Amazon and there is always the option of buying products direct from the manufacturer at their website .