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Office supply : an overview

Office supply : an overview

The office supply sector is estimated to be worth approximately $300 billion with Staples and Office Depot being two of the largest retail supply outlets in the US. In recent stores have expanded to include a number of services such as printing centers for high-volume, high-quality printing of business cards, stationery and documents, as well as furniture and computer sales. Many retail outlets advertise school stationery and supplies as well.

Sourcing supplies from furniture and computers to pens and pencils

Every company whether it is a large multinational business or a small home office relies on their office supplier for the smooth running of day to day tasks. If your supplier has the products you need in stock and is able to deliver them to you on time and at a fair price you're onto a winner. Whether you decide to do business with a regular office supply store, an online retailer or through a mail order catalog is up to you. Each has their own advantages and the best option is really the company that facilitates your needs and provides the most reliable service.


Office supply stores and online agents should be able to offer you pretty much everything you'll need for your company premises and your day to day running. This ranges from the office furniture you'll need when you first set up, to your computer systems, stationery supplies, and even your pens and pencils. Finding a supplier that offers a broad range of products and competitive prices across the board is a good option. Building up a relationship with your supplier is also a good idea as when it comes to the crunch they'll be there for you. If you've got a major presentation on and the bulb blows on the LCD projector you want to know you can call up your supplier and know they'll have spares in stock ready for immediate dispatch.

Knowing your office supplier well can also help protect you from scams. Each year hundreds of businesses have been conned into paying for supplies they never ordered or into paying for more than they agreed to. To top it off goods are either never delivered or they are grossly over-priced and of inferior quality. Office supply scams typically involve telemarketers calling businesses and claiming to be their regular supplier. Quite often it is employees who are unfamiliar with office purchasing procedures that get conned.

This site is intended to be a guide to the most commonly used office essentials such as printers, phone systems, computer systems and furniture. As well as these you will find guides on how and where to buy your office supplies whether you are looking for a reliable office supply store or discount equipment for your first office set up.