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Reasons to choose an MBA

Reasons to choose an MBA

Why an MBA?

An MBA is a massive commitment of time and money. If you take a full-time MBA course you are leaving a job or at least stopping yourself having a chance to getting on for at least a year and there is no guarantee you will get one straight afterwards. Part-time MBAs, where you work and then study at evening weekends, can take a large toll on your family and social life. Yet many people do actually take MBA courses every year. Why is this?

The reason is that the MBA provides the modern manager with tools to enable them to open doors with an ability to identify both opportunities and threats in the business world. As long as you get your qualification from a reputable institution the opportunities available to you in the 5-10 years after you get your degree have never been greater than they are now.


You must make sure though that you don't go onto an MBA course too early. The MBA is for postgraduates, and one of the problems in the USA at the moment is that some students go straight from their undergraduate course or have only worked for a year or two before beginning their MBA course. Therefore, business schools like to advertise the course as being a "post-experience" degree for people with many years of work experience and who have been managers for at least 2 or 3 years. The skills and knowledge you are provided with are relevant for both the private and the public sectors.

Students take their MBA courses for a variety of reasons. You don't have to have taken a scientific undergraduate degree, you can have taken degrees in liberal arts, technical degrees or the traditional professional qualifications. You may be looking to move into a more senior management role and feel that you have to acquire relevant skills to do so. You may want to change your career or broaden your international business understanding.

An MBA course will widen your horizons and provide you with a good overview of business. Across Europe , the average student age on full-time programmes is around 28 years of age. The average age for distance learning and part-time students is around 34 years of age. You need to have proven managerial and academic ability even without having a first degree. In fact, on part-time and distance learning courses 25% of students can be non-graduates.

In 2000, the 1300 members of the Association of MBAs were asked why they did an MBA. The reasons given in order of priority were: To obtain a business qualification, improve job opportunities, intellectual stimulation, increase salary, obtain general skills, change career direction, increase self-confidence.