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MBA Programs

MBA Programs

What MBA program should I choose?

The program that you choose must fit your requirements. You should analyze your needs - in that you should work out what you actually want to gain from the program and the experience you want. You want to find the right program structure, the right content, the focus of the course and what electives you want to do. Then there are you practical considerations, your circumstances. Is the program where you live or where you want to live. Is it's duration right for you, can you give it the time required, is it a convenient start date, and can you afford both the fees and the other costs such as materials and living expenses.

You also want to make sure that the program you are choosing contains people like you. Much of what you gain from an MBA is from the interaction with the other participants on the course. Therefore they should be not different from you in terms of the amount of experience that they have and the level of job which they have had. But also they should be different from you in that you will get the most out of an MBA where people come from a range of cultures and backgrounds.


Do you benefit from group working? Would you be good at that? Find out what amount of group working there is and work out if you will be comfortable with it. Find out also the amount of case study work there'll be. You'll need to read very quickly and absorb information as fast as you can. Project work involves investigating then preparing reports and giving presentations on the subject. The learning and teaching methods must suit you on the program you choose.

Then there is the method of assessment. Are you good at exams? Or would you prefer to have your work mostly assessed on a coursework assignment basis? You can also be assessed by way of giving a presentation. Are you comfortable with that? Sometimes your group is assessed together, so you should be comfortable with the concept of your work only contributing to a group mark. Make sure that the balance of assessment is something you will be comfortable with.

Is the workload on the program acceptable for you? How much time will you need to spend at school? Will it fit in with your domestic life and your work life. Obviously it'll have an effect on your outside life, but part-time programs make different demands than full-time.

Most importantly, is the MBA achievable? Considering what you are going to have to give up and what you will have to spend you must make sure that it is a program you can pass and you can handle its demands successfully.