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Wharton MBA

Wharton MBA

Can I do an MBA at Wharton?

Not only can you do an MBA at Wharton. But if you do so you will be on one of the best MBA courses in the world, so the benefits are quite clear. The Wharton MBA program combines a strong core programme with a range of electives that is wide and relevant to business today. This makes the Wharton MBA rigorous and flexible.

The core classes are aimed at the development of essential business knowledge, whilst the electives allow students to explore their personal interests and have the chance to build a single or a double major from the 18 areas of study. Classroom learning is complemented throughout the program by hands-on experiences in order to foster leadership, collaboration skills and communication.


The Wharton MBA is a two year program. In the first year the core curriculum will teach you critical skills such as finance, management, marketing and operations. Students can build on this base of core knowledge by selecting from almost 200 elective courses on offer. The core and elective curriculum offer a breadth and depth enabling students to take a multidisciplinary approach or allowing them to delve deeply in one area.

Students will work in learning teams of five or six peers from the beginning of their Wharton MBA experience. These teams are randomly assigned and will be mentored by a second-year leadership Fellow during the period in which core curriculum classes are taken. The varied backgrounds and skills of the team members should be leveraged in order to find unique approaches to making decisions, solving problems, executing plans and leadership.

But not all the learning that you do takes place in the classroom. You can apply your strategies and theories to entrepreneurial competitions, domestic and international consulting projects and Leadership Ventures, which are trips specifically designed to build you leadership skills.

There are 250 faculty members at Wharton who are either standing or associated with the school. They cover 11 disciplines, bringing knowledge gained from their research in the business field directly into the classroom. This helps to create an innovative and challenging environment. Professors do not have their teaching style dictated to them, but instead can determine the best way in which to teach their subjects, whether it be using lectures, case studies or other learning technologies.

Whilst there are no guarantees that a Wharton MBA will get you a job in today's job market, going there gives you a better chance than many. You could have interests in finance, marketing or nonprofit management and still be provided with student conferences, coursework and professional clubs which create many opportunities in which you are able to explore career choices.  You can meet other professionals and your classmates can become colleagues as well as close friends.