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Warwick Business School MBA

Warwick Business School MBA

Can I do an MBA in Warwick ?

Warwick Business School is near Birmingham in the West Midlands . It is easy to get to, being near motorways and an airport.

Warwick Business School is not afraid to sing its own praises. In some respects, the school deserves to feel good about itself. It does have a good reputation. The fact is that people in business do feel that there is a difference between one MBA course and another MBA course. If you ask people in business, certainly in UK business, whether Warwick has an MBA course which is well regarded, they should say yes. 

Warwick Business School 's MBA is also recognized alongside the leading USA MBA courses in overseas ranking systems. Numerous impartial reports and accreditation schemes rate them very near the top.


Warwick Business School offers four ways to take an MBA course. You get obtain the Warwick MBA part-time, full-time, at home or on campus. There are support staff at Warwick who will work with you in order to ensure you Warwick MBA will meet both your needs and also the needs of the business environment into which you will emerge.

The academic staff are internationally known and high quality, they will attempt to provide you with insights into the latest cutting edge thinking on management practice.

In the recent research rankings, Warwick Business School achieved the highest possible rating of 5* for research. Getting a Warwick MBA therefore should be a strong signal to the business world that you are capable of analytical thinking of the highest quality and that you can apply your analytical thinking to complex organizational problems.

Like most business schools, there are core subjects and also elective subjects. Further flexibility is offered by the ability to transfer between programmes should you personal circumstances alter. Many people for instance start off on the full-time course but then find that they get offered a job half-way through. They are then able to take what they've learned on the full-time course and transfer that to the part-time course in order to complete their MBA. Another innovative aspect of the Warwick MBA is that the courses use a live project which focuses on real strategic problems that organizations are facing. A recent example is the impact of new technologies on organizational communication and a project that developed ethical strategies for businesses operating strategically.

As far as the international credentials of Warwick Business Schools goes, the MBA course is recognized globally as well as being accredited internationally. The business school has managed to form close links with international, blue-chip companies, which include Nestle, Philips, Ford and McKinsey. The student body is also international, and this has been true for a while now, so there are many international alumni.