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Topic for an MBA Dissertation

Topic for an MBA Dissertation

What is a good topic for an MBA dissertation?

The MBA Dissertation is something that you do towards the end of your course. The aim of it is to synthesize as much of what you have learned from your course into a long essay of around 10-15,000 words. The MBA dissertation has many other names. It could be called the Business Research Project or BRP, or it is your thesis. The MBA dissertation can be your calling card to help in your future career and people will ask you about it. It also helps you to become an expert in a subject, and people respect experts!

The topic of that essay will depend on many things. First of all there is the type of MBA dissertation that you are doing. Bear in mind though that it is the analytical rigour which is most important, not the actual topic.


The type of MBA dissertation can be a specific consultancy project for a company, and your business school may encourage you to do so as it helps their prestige to have their students associated with these large companies. The companies get the advantage of a student with industry and management experience giving them relatively cheap consultancy using the benefit of their nine month or even up to 21 month's worth of MBA course knowledge.

The supervisor of your dissertation, usually a professor, will also offer his or her advice for "free", which may or not be valued by the company. You benefit from getting to work for a company which might be able to offer you a job afterwards and at the very least give you a name to put on your CV. The consultancy project will usually be to find a solution for a problem the company has. This could be research into a market, or a way to make the supply chain more efficient, or a review of the knowledge management system that company has, it could be many things.

Then there is the business plan dissertation. This is where you write a business plan for a new company or for an initiative that a company may have. This can be fun as you can use all of your skills on this to compose a feasibility study, then a strategic analysis and an implementation plan. Again the topics on this can be wide, because the business that is being planned can be in any sector or industry. It is the analytical rigour that matters.

A case study can take a situation or a specific event in any business and would describe it, putting the reader in the position of the person involved. Finally, a business desk research project would focus on establishing a hypothesis and testing it using research and analysis.