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Quick MBA's

Quick MBA's
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Can I do a quick MBA?

Well, it all depends on what you call a quick MBA. You have a lot to cover on an MBA course and you can't scrimp on the intensiveness of the process. There are certain courses that you need to cover first which lead onto the next group. So, for instance, you need to understand financial analysis and quantitative statistics as well as information management before you move onto subjects such as economics, finance and marketing. So you can't cram all of the courses into a few months or something like that.

Yet many people want to complete an MBA as quickly as possible. Looked at dispassionately, this is an understandable need. When you are taking a full-time MBA you cannot be earning any income from a job if you want to do it properly and so it can be a real financial struggle to complete the course. This is on top of the amount that you have to pay for the course as well. So some people will want to complete it as quickly as possible if they are doing it full-time. Part-time MBAs are different as you are earning money. However, you may want to try and do the part-time MBA as fast as possible as well so that, quite frankly, you can reclaim your life. This way you can get a great degree from one of the top business schools whilst continuing to earn full-time benefits and salary.


Understanding the types of course delivery available will help you to work out how to do the quickest MBA possible. Taking the course full-time should be quickest as you are spending all day in classes and the course can be delivered to you within a year. In fact, you only spend 9 or 10 months in the classroom and then you will normally have to do a business research project or thesis. But you can do this whilst working full-time over that three months as you can get a job with a company and have the project as part of your responsibilities there. This will make you very busy, but at least you'll be earning money.

The part-time course takes longer than the full-time course for the obvious reasons as you have to work during the day and only get to take classes in the evenings - normally 2 evenings a week. Normally, the part-time course will take twice the length of time that the full-time course takes.

Then there is the executive MBA. This again allows you to work full-time and then meet up with your classmates at weekends for classes. The online MBA is a distance learning course which can be done as fast as a part-time course.