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Past MBA Exam Paper

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Past MBA Exam Paper

Where can I get a past MBA exam paper?

Firstly, a point to make about the form of assessment on the MBA course. The MBA is assessed using a combination of coursework, exams and the business research project or thesis.

Coursework tests your ability to research a topic and write about it or present on it in reasonable detail. Normally, coursework will be about 3,000 words. However, obviously you can coast through this section of the assessment. You normally have time to do the research and it's normally quite difficult to fail this section.

The Business research project is where you research a topic in much more detail and it is normally a 15,000 word project which you have 2 or 3 months to complete. It's a good test of your staying power and ability to see through a long piece of research and to organise your time.


Exams are different. Firstly, they are done with official exam rules, so it's definitely you doing the work, and you have to be ready for the exams. Exams test that you were actually listening in class, have done some reading, and can understand and synthesize information from your course. If you haven't done the studying required, exams can catch you out. Therefore, employers may take more notice of exam results than other parts of your assessment.

Some people want to see an MBA past exam paper to see what they are going to learn. This is actually quite an interesting reason. You can then look at the different subjects that you could take at the school and the exams should show you the knowledge that you should have at the end of the course. You must make sure that you are not fazed by the complicated nature of the exams and use that as a reason not to take an MBA - you will be taught the course remember!

Some people want to see the MBA past exam paper to see whether they actually need to go to business school as they may know the course material already. To them we say two things. You may know the answer, but can you add suitable depth to that answer? Have you done the reading for it? Also the MBA course is also about meeting and interacting with people from around the world. At the end of the course it's about having the right to use the words MBA after your name.

If you still want to see a past paper - you just need to call the business school you are applying to and ask for one. Some business school websites have past papers, but normally you'll need a password to get at them. Just remember that past papers should not be the be-all and end-all of your decision.