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Part-time MBA

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Part-time MBA

Is there an MBA part time?

The part time MBA course allows students to work during the day and then go to classes in the evening. Many schools actually offer both a part-time and a full-time program.

Some things that you should think about when you are looking at part-time MBA programs are firstly that your course will be scheduled for all year round, which means that you cannot do internships anywhere. As far as electives are concerned, you may be able to specialize through a concentration of courses or through open electives, but whilst some offer the same range of courses as their full-time counterparts - others offer only a small number of electives.


Some part-time courses require you to take fewer courses that full-time courses, and you will need to take the core courses without the option to specialize. Some part-time courses do actually require you to take the same amount of courses as their full-time counterparts. This will be spread out over time. So, whereas on a 1 year MBA course you may take 20 courses in one year, a part-time course may see you taking 20 courses in 2 years.

The advantage of part-time MBA courses is that they are very good for career enhancers with a good foundation of experience who wish to take their career further in their chosen field. Part-time courses are also very good should you need to build a network in your field and you want to aid a job change.

Other advantages are that you can go to classes which are scheduled outside the standard business hours, you can develop some new skills whilst not interrupting your current employment. You can also bring some real-world problems that you have into the classroom and explore with your classmates some workable solutions which you can implement on the job. You can get loan money should you be eligible. Your employer may offer you tuition reimbursement as part of your employee benefit scheme and you are spreading your cost over a longer time period, which is helpful to those who need to continue an income or can't take on extra debt.

However, limitations of a part-time course are that you may not be able to get scholarship grants, as you are able to work and spread expenses over time. You'll find that career placement offices are closed when you are at the campus in the evening, so should you wish to change careers once you get your degree you may find it more difficult. Should you travel for work or find yourself constantly relocating for work then you'll find a part-time degree difficult. Some coursework could be done through distance learning, but you should make sure you ask.