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Oxford University MBA

Can I do an MBA at Oxford University ?

There are two MBAs on offer in Oxford . One is at the Saïd Business School, which is connected to Oxford University, and the other is at Oxford Brookes university, which used to be Oxford Polytechnic. We would think that most people on this site would be interested in the business school connected with the world-famous O0xford University so that is what we will concentrate on.

Saïd Business School is one of the most prestigious and fast-growing management schools in Europe. It is fully integrated into Oxford University in terms of being able to draw on Oxford 's strengths such as economics, law, psychology, economics, anthropology, and international politics. Do not think that people haven't noticed this. Saïd have played on this well in their marketing, and McKinsey's have added them and the Judge institute at Cambridge University onto their very short list of recruitment destinations in the UK.


The faculty and the student body are drawn in from all over the world. This allows the intellectual agenda and perspectives to be truly international. To ensure the quality of the program, the flagship MBA programme, which has 141 students on it - has an average GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) score for their students of 690, which is one of the highest scores in Europe. It also expects it's students to have on average 6 years work experience. In January 2004, the first Executive MBA programme was launched, and this was expected to take in 30 students.

The Saïd Business School is also a leading research centre for a wide range of organizational analysis aspects. The school faculty are currently researching projects that allow them to give insight into organizational nature. These include high performance work systems, supplier relations, leadership, psychological contracts, ecological theories of organizational change, knowledge management, corporate governance, new forms of organization and the impact of the Internet. The subjects focused on during the research range from aerospace to professional service firms to automotive, the health service, the public sector and the telecommunications industries.

In October 2001 the school opened a new building in the centre of Oxford which was designed by the same internationally-acclaimed architects responsible for the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London - Dixon & Jones. This building offers both the faculty and the students world-class facilities.

70% of Saïd's MBA students come from countries outside Europe, which promotes an excellent geographical balance, allowing the education and the interaction to be entirely global. The backgrounds of the participants on the program will be interesting and varied, leading again to a good mix of students.

It is a one year course that is intellectually demanding and intensive. Two major projects must be completed. This means that year will be very challenging.