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Open University MBA's

Open University MBA's
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Is there an Open University MBA?

The Open University Business School (OUBS) is the largest school of its kind in Europe . It produces each year more MBA graduates than all other worldwide institutions. Yet you shouldn't expect such a large institution to be slow moving and old-fashioned. The Open University  - of which OUBS is a part, pioneered in 1969 the concept of distance learning which is now a fully featured method of delivery perfect for modern learning. The University blends technological delivery with a large amount of personalized and individual support from advisers and tutors. This process and concept has been copied constantly but the school feel there has been no equal found yet.

The Open University Business School has received accreditation from more than one recognized source. The Association of MBAs (AMBA) has accredited the school. This is not surprising since more than a quarter of all MBAs graduating from an AMBA accredited institution in the United Kingdom have been students of the Open University Business School. But also the school has achieved accreditation by EQUIS, which is awarded by EFMD - the European Foundation for Management Development as a benchmark for the quality of management education.


A wide range of professional bodies have recognized OUBS courses and programs. Many of these see OUBS study as one of the routes to their professional qualifications. These include the Law Society, the ACCA, the CIPD, the CIMA, the CIPFA and the ICPA.

The distance learning component of the OUBS course shows up some personal qualities that a successful student would need to have. The style of learning required involves a decent amount of prioritization, time management and determination and the graduates of the school are recognized for these qualities in addition to their academic achievement.

The OUBS's course is suited ideally to those people with a professional lifestyle. The study is based on action learning as well as being immediately relevant to your workplace. It is not, and we must emphasize this, an e-learning course. Instead it is a blend of CD-ROMS, printed texts and online communication. There are face-to-face tutorials as well in addition to residential schools - these can be all taken online if preferred.

Should you be interacting with fellow students, you should find that they are of good quality, having been through the entry requirements of OUBS. These involved a diploma, certificate or their equivalent in management plus current management experience, plus a good standard of English - in particular written English.

The benefits of an OUBS MBA includes the reassurance of studying with an internationally respected academic institution whilst still earning whilst learning. You can schedule your study in harmony with your professional and personal life using the convenient learning methods through appropriate technology use.