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Online MBA

Online MBA

Can I do an online MBA?

It has often been said by those people considering an MBA course that they do not want to put their career on hold to do a full-time course. Another reason for not taking an MBA is that the constant travel to a part-time course would be exhausting after work and also they are not near enough to a reputable business school to enable them to do it. Enter the online MBA. This enables you to combine the study needed for this business qualification whilst continuing to develop your career and not uproot your personal life too much.

A number of universities offer online postgraduate courses in many subjects ranging from electronic commerce, online education, sociology, and internet systems development. They concentrate on the areas in these subjects which makes the most use of internet technology. But it is in the arena of business that there is a burgeoning range of courses available.


The largest provider of online courses is the Open University. This caters for 22,000 postgraduates at the same time and offers over 25 degrees wholly online and many other degrees with some online content. They say that online courses form a perfect link with the advantages that the Open University offers. The university expects their students to be flexible and to be able to fit their study schedule around their personal circumstances. More than 70% of the students of the university are working full-time and many of those are sponsored for the course by their employers. The employers benefit by developing their workforce's skills and keeping their commitment  up as they can stay with their company and try out what they are learning with the company.

The Open University believe also that they are successful due to the support that they offer their students in terms of technical help with online conferencing solutions and student discussion groups. They also provide an efficient registration and tracking system online and all students can receive personal tutorials.

One of the great advantage of an online course is that the academics are able to constantly update the course material. Some academics will update the course material one or twice every term.

Flexibility is another advantage. Students can take whatever amount of time that they want to complete the course, and can mix and match their modules. Some online MBAs also offer access to information much more difficult to research should they be restricted solely to the library. At the University of Surrey , all students on their online MBA get a laptop pre-loaded with multimedia course material and access to more than 1,400 management journals.

Choose your online MBA carefully. Find one that is accredited so that you can be sure of its reputation.