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Mini MBA

Mini MBA

What is a mini MBA?

First and foremost, the mini MBA is NOT an MBA. You do not get the letters MBA after your name and you do not get to use it on your CV in anywhere other than "training courses". However, that does not make the mini-MBA a waste of time, because what it does signify is a respect for what a full-blown MBA actually is. It allows you to learn some of the skills you would get in a full-blown MBA or it would allow you to take some of the courses that you would take on a full course but without giving up so much time in your life.

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, and therein lies the important terms. Business administration is not simple. To be a business administration you need to be able to understand financial accounts, understand statistical analysis, understand economic issues, be conversant with the principals of finance as well as the principles of marketing. You would also need to know human resource management and operations management and organizational behavior.


You should be to talk about business strategy and corporate finance and in this day and age you must be able to talk about corporate governance. You can also learn about entrepreneurship, knowledge management, branding & advertising, mergers & acquisitions. Then there are specialist finance courses such as derivatives and value at risk. The point is there are a lot of subjects within the world of business administration and if you can cover some of them at this level then that can be a mini-MBA.

So who would take a mini-MBA? Well the first person who might want to do it is someone who is working at a company but doesn't want to take time off to do a full MBA course and also doesn't want the stress of taking a full part-time MBA at the same time as working. Yet they feel that they need to be trained in some aspects of business administration. The basics can be introduced in a fortnight or so, although that doesn't mean that you will become an expert in anything. Ultimately though the MBA is about being able to speak the language of business and a mini-MBA can help to do that. Again, they do not get to put the letters after their name - but it may help them to have the knowledge if you are going to become a manager soon.

Other mini-MBAs are taken by people who want to pick up business administration skills in order to start their own business. They may not have the time to do a full MBA course or cannot do a part-time MBA course with all the time that they need to run their company.