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Which MBA

Which MBA

Which MBA should I take?

There are hundreds of institutions that offer MBA programmes all over the world, therefore choosing the best one isn't easy. This is why there are so many ranking systems from the likes of the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Financial Times. These rankings are put together on the basis that you will be applying to more than one business school, so they are normally broken down into many criteria which you can use to make your decision. You are best advised to consider more than one school to apply to so that you can make comparisons and make sure that your hard earned pounds are being spent properly and in the best way.


You should definitely try to visit your target schools during the term-time to see how they work. The business schools are very welcoming of this practice and normally hold open days precisely for this purpose. Should you be wanting to go to the business school individually then you need to give the school good notice so they can manage your trip and make it worthwhile. Also, you can go to the many MBA fairs which take place around the world during the year. Just about all of the best schools will be appearing at least one fair - and they are also likely to send some senior members of faculty, current students and/or some recent graduates who can talk to visitors. To find MBA fairs look in the national as well as local media as well as good MBA websites.

MBA fairs are a very good way of helping you to choose which MBA you should take. The largest organizers of these fairs are the World MBA tour, which you can get information about on www.topmba.com, and claims to have more than 33,000 visitors as well as more than 250 exhibitors during 2001, and is on in Europe, Latin America, North America, Australasia and Asia . Then there is the MBA Tour, launched in 1996 in Asia, moving on in 1999 to  the Mediterranean and the Middle East . GMAC (www.gmac.com) has MBA fairs in about 10 USA cities and 5 Asian cities. Then there is the Associations of MBAs (AMBA) - organizing spring fairs and autumn fairs, mainly in London .

Most people do an MBA with an upturn in their career in mind, and this should dictate the MBA that you take. Especially on a two-year course the employment world can change and especially if you are moving careers, you'll have massive problems in a stagnant economy - and this is where the brand name of your business school really counts. So our advice to you is to go to the best business school you can. A few thousand pounds more can repay itself very quickly.