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MBA Recruitment

MBA Recruitment

Who are the best people for MBA recruitment?

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of taking an MBA is that when you come back into the world of employment afterwards you need the business world, and those recruiting in it, to understand what the MBA means. What we mean is this: An MBA isn't simply an academic qualification. In fact, we do not advise you to put it in your CV under academic qualifications, instead you should put it amongst your work experience listings. This is because the MBA is meant to prepare you for the world of business, enabling you to perform a variety of different roles, such as a finance role, marketing role, sales role, operations role, human resources role and many others. Yet some recruiters do not understand this and will put your MBA under your academic achievements and not recognize the direct practical applications of the degree. It is because of this that the best people for MBA recruitment need to be those that are set up specifically to find jobs for MBAs.


Lets start with websites. In general a website with the term "MBA" within it as well as being related to jobs should be a good place to start for MBA recruitment. www.mbajobs.net is a dedicated recruitment site where employers can try to recruit MBA graduates and graduates can seek employment by trying to get employers' attention. Another more informative site is www.topmba.com, which includes an MBA career guide as well as guides to industry and business sectors as well as a facility to search for companies. Another informative site is www.mbainfo.com, which includes a section devoted to information on Jobs & Careers, including advice on how to make an application as well as a database of international employers. A more focused site for MBA recruitment is www.mbamatch.com, where you can register for free and to search for jobs and post your CV so that companies can contact you. There are different associations for MBAs, and they can help you with your job search as well. The Association of MBAs (AMBA), based in London , has their website at www.mbaworld.com and this includes a good deal of information on careers as well as a biennial MBA salary as well as a series of career surveys. There is also a similar site in the USA , which is can be found at www.mbaassociation.org - where you can find a mixture of career development information and job opportunities.

Many companies also have a specialist MBA recruitment capability, and you should look out for them as they will know what they're looking for and are good places for MBA recruitment. If the person who sponsors your recruitment is an MBA then you will also find the whole process easier as well.