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Best Online MBA School

Best Online MBA School

What is the best MBA online school?

Truth be told, we are not sure that there IS a best online MBA school. The reason for this is that what is good about the MBA is not that it is online, but that the quality of the school providing it is good. An Online MBA is a good way to take the degree IF you are comfortable missing out on the interaction with students and faculty that a offline MBA would give you. Online MBAs are as good as the faculty who provide you with guidance and write the course materials, and the technology allowing you to interact with both faculty and other students. Obviously you should be getting an MBA from a school that is accredited by at least one of AMBA, EQUIS or the AACSB.


So the way the Financial Times answers this questions is simply to avoid ranking the online MBA schools and instead, listing the top 20 schools that offer distance learning courses. Distance learning, which used to involve bundles of paper flying to and fro through the postal system, is now far more easily and cheaply delivered online, so some of the universities covered here have offline course delivery methods, and the online MBA availability is offered as one of the delivery methods. Conversely, some of the MBA courses are offered wholly online.

People choose to take the MBA online because it allows them to attain this valuable qualification in their own time whilst being able to hold down a full-time job and also meet other family commitments. It is not the same as a part-time MBA or an executive MBA because those involve classes either in the evenings or at weekends in addition to full-time work which cuts down the time available for socializing and family. Online MBAs can take as long as you want them too, although we advise you to progress your course regularly as possible.

In the UK , you can get online MBAs from many different places, the main ones being Warwick Business School , Manchester Business School , Imperial College Business School and Open University Business School . These are first class business schools. Manchester , Imperial and Warwick are firmly ensconced in the top 10 MBA courses in the UK and the Open University have been offering distance learning MBAs for so long that every year more than 25% of all the MBA graduates in the UK get their degree at the Open University Business School. There are also online MBAs at the universities of Surrey, Liverpool, Heriot-Watt, Durham , Strathclyde, Aston and Bradford . Around the world there are good online MBAs available from Itesm in Mexico and Pennsylvannia State , Indiana University, Phoenix University , Cardean, Babson College , Jones International and Virginia Tech.