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Is it easy to get a job for an MBA?

Well, let's put it this way, it doesn't harm you. The MBA's core curriculum prepares you to be able to "wing it" in almost every type of job going and in every business sector. You are taught the "language" of business.

To carry that analogy on, you are able to talk capital structure with a financial director of a pharmaceutical company whilst being confident discussing the merits of ARPU with a marketing manager of a telecommunications company. You could also analyze a business plan and talk about the merits of investment with a venture capitalist and understand with an HR specialist the importance of the psychological contract in gaining commitment. If that isn't enough for you - how about being able to rigorously assess possible strategic options with a business development expert or find kinks in the supply chain with an operations management specialist?


Basically, you should be able to at least hit the ground walking at a useful pace in most roles, even if you won't be able to hit the ground running. The USA puts a much greater store on the meaning of an MBA, we won't deny that. But whilst the MBA means less in Britain , to the people that matter an MBA from a good quality (top 100) school is a very tempting morsel on your CV that they can chew on. But the words "the people that matter" is very important.

What you mustn't expect is to be able to send your CVs off to all and sundry and find that they will come back to you panting at your door. Your previous experience is what they are looking at. One of the interesting problems you will come up against is that in the first instance your CV will be looked at by very junior staff. Most of them will not know what an MBA is and will have been instructed to throw away CVs that don't meet exact criteria. Sometimes it is just fed into a computer, and that can make it even worse. A major engineering company in this country that builds airports threw away a CV of an MBA student who had built airports in Dubai and Kabul because he didn't put "email" and "Microsoft Office" on his CV.

The senior management of a company should be your target. Through networking, meet senior managers who do the hiring and firing. If they themselves have and MBA - so much the better, they will understand its value. If you are staying in the same industry, it will be a lot easier to get a job with an MBA. But changing industry is more difficult, and you will need to network and meet the right people at the right time. Nothing is impossible though.