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MBA in France

MBA in France

Can I do an MBA in France?

French companies have been employing more and more foreigners in senior management roles. This goes hand in hand with attempts to internationalize their management workforce. To support this, employment consultants and recruiters are becoming more global and international. Globalization is now a reality and international recruitment is a vital and unstoppable force. Therefore, France is now following a general trend that has been initiated by most industrialized countries.

Top level international MBAs are designed to train international business leaders for the future who are able to operate with innovation, vision and collaboration in the changing and dynamic global environment. In order to provide creativity, leadership and understanding in business education MBAs are focusing on key competencies being developed with entrepreneurial, multicultural and global dimensions so that international management can be facilitated.


MBAs are available in France at many business schools all over the country. The student body in France is diverse and talented, representing a wide variety of disciplines, ages and cultures. English being the language of the MBA, MBAs in France follow an English speaking programme which is combined with the inimitable French culture in a fully multicultural environment.

One of the ways in which French MBA programmes create awareness and an understanding of multicultural issues that face global business managers is to provide an intercultural team focus based along geographic dimensions. Multicultural means multicultural, with no dominating cultures pervading the courses at the most famous MBAs in France .

The culturally diverse teams are there for problem-solving and project collaboration. Courses are offered on the subject of key business regions, so market studies can be carried out in depth. Local market knowledge can be sharpened using exchange programmes and study trips with universities all over the world. The international faculty reinforce the multicultural core. Many of them are successful international entrepreneurs and business professionals. Others have been recruited from prestigious worldwide universities. There are also some visiting faculty who teach for short and intensive periods, bringing to French students the latest developments in their particular field. These visiting professors come from such places as MIT, Oxford University , London Business School , Todai University and the University of Southern California .

France is considered today as the leader in economy within the European Union. Thus, doing an MBA in France would be an excellent entrance gate into the business world in not just France but also other European countries. The ideal person to come to France and do an MBA is someone with an international mind, who is open to the fact that the world is multicultural, who is looking for technical, professional and personnel knowledge which they can develop through using different approaches within a multicultural environment.