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MBA Essay

MBA Essay

How Do I write an MBA essay?

When did you last have to write an essay? Was it at school? If it was then we would hazard a guess that your idea of writing an essay is to repeat parrot fashion what you have been taught without really having to prove your understanding. Was it at university? Well then you would have put more independent thought into it then in order to prove that you really understand your topic. An MBA essay is a step further on from that in that as well as proving that you can remember and have understood what you have taught, it will also expect you to show you can come up with original theories on topics.


An interesting thought to have is that the higher up the educational "food chain" that you go - the more basic the questions are. For example, say you needed to write an essay about Enron and how corporate governance had failed there. At school, the title may be something like "What is the role of an audit committee in a public company? What did the audit committee not do at Enron?" At university in your undergraduate degree, the title might be something like "How did the audit committee fail in their duties at Enron?" Meanwhile, an MBA essay might have a title of "What went wrong at Enron?"

This is actually a good example of an MBA essay, and in answer to how to write it, let's look at what you would have to do.

Looking at it holistically, the question is asking you to take the knowledge that you have learnt on the corporate governance course that you have just taken, and synthesize it in a way that you can prove that you understood the course enough to apply those concepts to analyze corporate governance at Enron.

First, you should research what happened to Enron. You should read about it and watch one or two of the many documentaries and try to read as many differing viewpoints as possible so that you can work out how you feel about the whole affair.

Then you can start to target the corporate governance issues. Make sure that you show that you understand the course and the concepts but more importantly that you can apply them to Enron as a subject. Try to apply new thinking to the subject, for new thinking is what can get you a very good mark for an MBA essay.

What makes new thinking? Well, what was it about the way Enron was governed that enabled the management to get away with what they did? What did you not read about that you can add to the debate? If you can be original, then the world can be your oyster.