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MBA Degree

MBA Degree

Why should I get an MBA degree?

If you want to be able to work strategically and think strategically then the MBA will benefit you greatly. The MBA isn't about rote learning, it is more about decision-making and analysis in an environment where you can share your ideas and your experiences with other people who should have a similar level of work and management background to you. The MBA being a truly international course, you also get to benefit from ideas and practice from other countries and other cultures.


People who seek more of a general managerial role in the industry they are currently in will find that the portfolio of tools and techniques for managers come in extremely useful. These tools and techniques are not just are not just the 'hard' and direct managerial skills, but also the soft-skills that you need to really succeed in a managerial role. MBA graduates need to be touchstones of dedication, commitment, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit and hopefully that is how they will be seen.

Within the worlds of investment banking and consultancy the MBA is a 'must-have'. This doesn't mean that you can definitely get a job in those industries if you have an MBA, but what it does mean is that without one you will have a great deal more difficulty getting one. It isn't an automatic promotion passport, instead it can help you maximize the chances that you have of success.

But it's not just big business that you can go into as an MBA. The qualification gives you an opportunity to move from the corporate environment that you may have been in into smaller companies - it gives you the tools to really fulfill your entrepreneurial spirit by being able to set your own business up or go it alone as a self-employed consultant.

The MBA is a large financial and personal investment, therefore you must choose the correct programme for you. However, once you have done that then the sky is the limit. The rewards for those people who graduate from the leading MBA programmes are worth it in the short term and in the long term. The Association of MBAs has found that salaries for accredited programme graduates rose consistently over the last decade. But it's not just about earnings, it's also career advancement that's important.

The Association's survey found that the average salary for MBAs is �64,000, 3 out of 5 members were senior managers or board directors. 70% of the graduates were less than 45 years of age. A quarter of those were expecting to run their own business at some point. MBA graduates were employed in marketing, corporate strategy, general management and IT. A quarter of these graduates are female.