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MBA Careers Advice

MBA Careers Advice

Where can I go for advice on MBA careers?

Taking an MBA is not going to guarantee you a job. In fact, one of the worst things that you can do is to take the wrong job after you graduate and waste the education that you just invested some serious money in. You get trained in how to do so many things and the only way to "lock in" that education is to practice what you have learnt after you graduate.

You will need a different sort of careers advice if you are thinking of changing career than if you are thinking of staying in the same career. If you are trying to change career then you will need a good deal more guidance, mainly because you will need to understand how to get into that career.


So if you decide to take careers advice, start with the business school's careers service. The reason you should go there first is firstly because it is free and when you are doing an MBA anything that is free is of course welcome. Secondly, they should be able to specialize in the area that you need. They are used to working with MBA students and trying to help them with careers, and if they can't help they should know someone that will. They will be staying in touch with alumni and can introduce you to the right one.

Alumni are another source for MBA career advice. They have been through the process that you have been through and they are likely to understand the advice that you would need right now as they got it once. You should be able to ask your school's career service to put you in touch with the right alum. So, if you want to get into PR, then they should put you in touch with an alum who works in PR. They can advise you on how to get in and maybe put you in touch with the right people in the industry. If you are changing career from IT into marketing then you will want to find someone who made the same change. It should be possible.

There are company recruitment teams as well. Many of the big companies have a recruitment team that actually specializes in recruiting MBAs. They are good people to talk to as they might know what they are looking for. Should you be trying to get into banking then you cannot lose by calling up the MBA recruitment specialists in an investment bank and ask their advice. They will eventually be the people who will recruit you so you may as well listen to them.

You can also talk to other people on your course as well as pay for professional careers advice.