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Association of MBA's - AMBA

Association of MBA's - AMBA

Is there an Association for the MBA?

The Association of MBAs is known as AMBA for reasons. It's vision is to be the international authority on business leader development. The way they are going about this is that they are trying to be the guardians of MBA quality standards and to support business schools in their attempts to develop business leaders.

The AMBA provides a network for business schools, employers and MBAs. They also offer a forum in which knowledge, best practice and ideas can be exchanged.


The AMBA has a very strong brand that is internationally recognized as the kite-mark for quality in the MBA. They have insights and networks which mean that they are positioned as an international authority on MBA issues. This is an important service as there is a need for someone impartial and independent in the complex business environment.

The AMBA have an accreditation philosophy which is designed in order to meet the changing needs of employers through a development approach. They keep in touch with their members as much as possible in order to find out their concerns as leaders who are practicing business.

They are a useful resource for prospective MBA students, current MBA students, MBA alumni and business schools as well as MBA employers.

At the heart of the commitment of the AMBA to management development through education is the accreditation service, which began in 1967. The aims of the accreditation program is to promote the MBA to prospective students, institutions and employers and also to increase demand for and supply of MBA programmes, and to ensure that the quality of these programmes will produce professional managers.

The accreditation service is focused internationally and is market-driven. The characteristics of business schools and their MBA programmes are assessed against a set of criteria which are established by the International Accreditation Advisory Board. The Board consists of corporate representatives and senior academics who constantly monitor the criteria for accreditation in order to reflect the changes in the practice of management and business.

So, who would use the accreditation? Well, potential MBA students are provided with a reliable list of business schools which have been tested for quality. Business schools are given international credibility for the provision of MBAs and can also see an overview of their position set against international standards. The MBA graduates are given a reassurance of the value of their degree at a time where there is a risk of market saturation. The employers get a guarantee of the quality of MBA courses. When an MBA is recruited from an accredited programme the employer is getting top talent.

Based upon the accreditation criteria, there is a developmental service offered by the AMBA consisting of a quality audit service and a consultancy service to help schools improve.