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Marketing MBA

Marketing MBA

Is there a specialist marketing MBA?

There is a specialist marketing MBA. In fact, there are many specialist marketing MBAs. The fact that you can do a marketing MBA at Harvard Business School shows how a specialist marketing MBA is a legitimate option. It's important to note, however, that whatever course you do, you cannot get an MBA without being taught the basic skills and concepts of general management. All students will pursue the same study course for the first third, and then there is a core marketing curriculum.

At Harvard Business School, where the MBA course lasts two years, the core marketing curriculum demonstrates to students marketing's role in the company, explores marketing's relationship with the other business functions and helps students to learn how to make marketing decisions within a general management context.


In the second year the students on the marketing MBA can choose form a range of elective courses that are unparalleled and enable them to synthesize their functional skills which they developed during the core curriculum in order to create an understanding of the firm in the form of a total enterprise.

The core curriculum of the specialist marketing MBA would start with an introductory course to explain why marketing is so important. Then the concept of creating value through marketing could be explained. Then you could be shown how to develop a marketing strategy - and the starting point for that would be to choose your customers. Once you have your strategy you need to produce a marketing plan. This would communicate the value proposition, show how you will go to market and explain how pricing can capture value. Then you could look at how to stay competitive over time. This would look at brands and branding, how to manage your customers for profits and then sustaining value.

Marketing electives take a look at a broader range of marketing subjects to enable you to develop an understanding in the areas that you are really interested in, or where you are looking to have a career. It enables you to go deeply into marketing. Example courses would be subjects like business marketing; consumer marketing; explaining the channels to market; understanding your customers; entrepreneurial marketing; how to market innovations; international marketing management; branding, advertising and culture or social marketing.

You will also be likely to have to do a business research project, otherwise called a thesis, dissertation or a field study. This is where you undertake a large project like initiative, which would be about 10,000 - 15,000 words in length, where you study something at length. This could be to create a marketing plan for a new business, or to analyze the market for a product or a service. This can be your calling card when looking for a job, so do it well!