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Manchester Business School MBA

Manchester Business School MBA

Is there a Manchester MBA?

Manchester Business school is trying to get to the forefront of the drive to give today's managers the ideas and the experience to help them become the international elite of tomorrow. In order to become the international elite of tomorrow, there is a need to think ahead. To think ahead, both executives and managers need to be able to innovate in order to change their organizations. The future of business lies in the hands of manager and executives who can do these things. Entrepreneurism doesn't just rely on innovation. You can be taught expertise but you cannot be taught some of the skills of the business world - which demands live employment.

Manchester Business School employs the "Manchester Method", which is renowned for a uniquely hands-on approach to the development of managers. This aims to position the Manchester MBA at the leading edge of the most dynamic business performance.


Manchester Business School offers the complete range of MBA programs. This includes full-time, part-time, executive and distance learning courses. They have been specially designed to suit all of the needs that professionals, entrepreneurs and executives have.

The Full-time MBA course is an 18 month international program that combines theory as well as practice using live project work. This course attracts very high caliber participants from many countries covering the world.

The Executive MBA course is a flexible program where study is carried out in the evening or maybe during the occasional day. It allows students to carry on working whilst continuing their course of study. The course can take between 2.5 and 5 years, and Manchester Business School offer it in partnership with UMIST, the Manchester School of Management.

The Entrepreneurship MBA is a ground breaking initiative specially created for owner-managers, entrepreneurs and professionals who are working in small to medium-sized and privately owned businesses. Again this is a part-time program which lasts 2.5 to 5 years - offering a valuable alternative to making an entrepreneur leave his/her business for 18 months to do a course full-time. It also enables entrepreneurs to try out what they are learning as they go on with the course.

The distance learning MBA programme also allows you to add value and develop your company without needed to leave employment and without having to re-locate either. It is offered by MBS Worldwide.

The Corporate MBA is a partnership between Manchester Business School and some highly prestigious organizations such as IBM, KPMG and the British Civil Service.

The full-time MBA contains an introductory module over four-weeks, followed by the diploma stage when you cover the core courses and then the MBA stage - which is the elective stage combined with live project work. You can also get experience by taking a summer internship.