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MBA's at London Business School

MBA's at London Business School

What is the London Business School MBA?

How many times have you been placed in a situation in your working life where you are uncertain how you will be able to perform up to your highest potential? How many times has this situation been an international one? If this describes you then you need to take an international MBA. International MBAs are provided by the leading business schools in the world, and London Business School is most certainly one of those.

Before you start thinking about going to London Business School it should be pointed out that unlike other UK MBA courses the full-time course takes place over two years. Should you be serious about a career in international business then you cannot compromise your learning and you should allow yourself the time to really dig deep into the subjects that you study and build yourself the foundations for life-time achievement.


The London Business School MBA has the following features: There is a rigorous core curriculum which covers the bas subjects that you need for a successful business career, and this section covers one year of your course. Following this there is a choice of over seventy elective courses in the second year. You have to pass an exam in a foreign language, which is a great opportunity to learn a language. The Business school offers access to over thirty different business school around the world on one of the largest international exchange programmes. There is an Entrepreneurship Summer School as well. In between year one and year two there is also a three month summer placement at a company, allowing you to explore a career in a certain industry and also to impress a possible new employer.

London Business School 's campus is located in the world's leading city for international business. It is not actually in THE city of London - that is where Cass Business School is located. But it is situated in Regents Park , which is a lovely area just at the north-west tip of the city. But they do like to point out that they are the only top-10 business school in the world actually this close to a major capital city.

The Business School says that one of it's specialisms if to develop your international business knowledge and increase the level of your cultural mobility. The faculty comes from over twenty five countries and the students come from more than seventy countries and have the ability to speak more than sixty languages. The international alumni network are in positions of leadership all over the world, and have organized themselves into more than forty international alumni alumni clubs. The course contains international field trips and case studies and helps to develop the language skills that you need for international business.