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MBA's in London

MBA's in London

Where can I do an MBA in London ?

We'll take a strict definition of London here and not include Henley Management School and Cranfield. In order to call yourself a business school in London we feel you should be reachable using the London Underground, which covers Greater London. Another definition we'll use of an MBA is one that is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) as that is a sign of quality that is important.

The first stop on our journey into London MBAs will be London Business School , which is located in a lovely setting alongside the western end of Regents Park . Regents Park is just above the West End of London. London Business School is one of the top schools in the world, being safely ensconced in the top 10 in most rankings. Within Europe it is arguably the top school, although IMD and INSEAD will have something to say about that. What these rankings mean is that London Business school is the one MBA course in London with a truly international reputation.


Cass Business School is part of City University and has recently moved up to 42nd on the FT rankings and 6th in the UK . The business school is located right in the city of London , in Moorgate. This puts Cass in a position unlike others, in that they are in the middle of the banks and other institutions which are natural employers for MBA students. The school has responded to that by developing a specialism in finance subjects, although that doesn't mean that they forego the other range of subjects.

The Tanaka Business School is part of Imperial College and is situated in the center of the museum district of South Kensington. Imperial College is famous for its scientific research capability, and this is where Imperials' MBA offering differs from that of Cass. Imperial are very good on the theory of business and management, but Cass tend to emphasize the more practical approach to business education, using case studies more and allowing you to practice your skills.

The Open University is based in London , but actually it doesn't matter where it is based as what the Open University specializes in is distance learning. These courses can be done by post or more likely using the internet and combines correspondence course features with occasional student - faculty interaction. This flexible method of studying means that over a quarter of the MBA students that graduate each year in the UK do so from Open University.

Brunel university is located in the West of London on a campus in Uxbridge, Middlesex. Middlesex University is located meanwhile on a dual campus in Hendon, Northwest London and Enfield in Middlesex. These schools may not be well-known but their MBA courses are accredited by AMBA.