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Kellogg MBA

Kellogg MBA

What is the Kellogg MBA?

Kellogg School of management is part of Northwestern University and is located in Chicago , Illinois . It is generally regarded as one of the top MBA schools in the world - along with Wharton in Pennsylvania and Harvard Business School in Massachusetts .

Kellogg's MBA is notable for a few things. First thing is the choice of majors that you can do. These courses have been set up so that whilst the core curriculum can arm students with the skills every manager should have, the electives are set up so that managers are made at Kellogg with a specialism they can use to their own benefit.


The majors at the moment are: Accounting Information & Management, Analytical Consulting, Analytical Finance, Biotechnology, Business and its Social Environment, Decision Sciences, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, Health Industry Management, Human Resources Management, International Business, Management & Organizations, Management & Strategy, Managerial Economics, Marketing, Media Management, Operations Management, Public / Nonprofit Management, Real Estate Management, Technology Industry Management and Transportation & Logistics Management.

What's more, the Kellogg full-time MBA can be delivered on a two year course or a one year course. There is a Part-time MBA program allows people who are employed in Chicago on a full-time basis to complete an MBA. Your firm may provide you with funding for this and that could even cover the entire cost of your course. You work in the daytime and attend classes in the evening so this is a big time commitment.

The Kellogg Executive MBA program is for executives who are either mid-career or senior. The classes for this are at weekends, which allows careers to continue. It is worth pointing out that to get on this course your employer will need to sponsor you. This is not just about money, but also they will need to declare that you have a strong future at the organization or in management.

The Two-year MBA program is traditional and there are 960 first and second year students enrolled on it. There are classes in the autumn, winter and spring and then an internship in the summer. Core classes are in the first year and elective classes are the second year.

The One-year MBA program is for those students who have gained solid professional experience but only left their undergraduate degree in the previous five years. This enables those applicants who have a set of career goals which are consistent and clear to take an MBA whilst returning quickly to the workforce. This is a flexible program, allowing students to design courses individualized to themselves at the same time as completing the requirements they have for their major such as statistical decision analysis, managerial decision analysis, operations management, finance and economics analysis.