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MBA Jobs

MBA Jobs

What types of job does an MBA lead to?

An MBA offers preparation for almost any possible career in business.  The MBA course will give every person who completes it a grounding in all of the core disciplines of management. In addition to that you can tailor your course to suit a particular specialism, such as finance or marketing or technology, or you can just take a variety of courses to give you a more general qualification.

So, what do the core courses teach you? Well, the general curriculum starts by covering financial analysis (basic accounting), quantitative methods of business analysis, and information management techniques. These give you the ability in any job to understand the meaning of statistics, which you will be constantly presented with in the line of almost any jobs. It also grants you the ability to understand the financial accounts of a company, which, since every single company has to prepare financial accounts, is a vital skill to have. Information management techniques are about the use of all of the information that you are provided in the course of your working life. It is also about the use of technology to make business life easier.


The curriculum also covers marketing, the principles of finance and business economics. These can apply to all jobs. Marketing is not about how to make consumers want the products or services that you sell, but how to make products and services that customers want to buy. This applies to any company. Business economics covers both microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics explain how to make sure that you are making the right amount of products and services and are selling those products and services at the right price. Macroeconomics looks at currency and monetary and fiscal policies around the world and how they can affect your business. Both are very important for decisions within an business, in particular ones that are importing and exporting. Principles of finance look at how businesses are financed in order to enable of them to carry out their business. It looks at equity and debt and covers all kinds of business.

MBA courses cover Organizational behavior and human resource management, which obviously look at all kinds of business and help you to become a better manager of people. Operations management looks at the supply chain and how to run the operations of a company to make sure supply meets demand. Corporate governance is becoming more and more important in the wake of financial scandals and increased shareholder activism. Meanwhile, business strategy looks at how direct your business to meet the needs of the market.

Once you have these core disciplines, there aren't many jobs that you can't do. All you have to do now is convince recruiters of the same thing!