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What is the INSEAD MBA?

INSEAD is recognized widely among its peers in the top-tier of business schools as one of the most influential and innovative business school in the world. It is the only business school in the world that has a fully fledged campus in both Asia and Europe . The Asia campus is in Singapore and the European campus is in Fontainebleu which is just south of Paris , France . The contents of the course is the same whether you take the course in Singapore or in France.

There are currently more than 840 MBA students who are taught at the business school by over 140 faculty members. These faculty members also teach more than 6,500 executives and more than 65 Phd students who come from more than 75 countries.


The school has a unique multicultural diversity which provides it with a global perspective which is reflected in all of the aspects of its teaching and its research. The school believes that it was the first course that was truly international in terms of having a multicultural learning environment as well as looking at businesses from all over the world, with national bias not mattering.  

Three months after the Treaty of Rome INSEAD was founded in 1957. The first MBA graduates joined in 1960 on the Fontainebleau campus. This class was made up of 52 students coming  from 14 countries. The INSEAD Alumni Association was created at the same time as this.

In 1968, the first executive development programme was created at Fontainebleau and this was followed in 1969 with the opening of a new forest campus at Fontainbleau. In 1971, the European Centre for Continuing Education – CEDEP – was created.

1974 saw the first programme on Asian business created and in 1976 featured the launch of the INSEAD Alumni Fund. The INSEAD Euro-Asia Centre was opened in 1980 in Fontainebleau . 1989 was the year that the PhD programme was launched and the first INSEAD Development Campaign was launched in 1995.

In January 2000, 53 students from 26 countries joined the first Singapore MBA class. By August 2000, INSEAD’s development campaign had achieved more than €120 million in private and corporate sponsorship. The Asia campus was officially opened in October of 2000. INSEAD also announced an alliance with Wharton in May of 2001, therefore combining their resources with those of Wharton in Philadelphia and with San Francisco in order to deliver their research and business education across a Global Learning Network. The exchange program started in May 2001 when the first Wharton MBAs came to study at INSEAD’s Fontainebleau campus. In October 2001 25 INSEAD MBA students studied at the Philadelphia campus of Wharton. INSEAD launched an Executive MBA course in the Autumn of 2003.