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Graduate MBA Careers

Graduate MBA Careers

What careers can I do as a graduate MBA?

The career options available to you after you graduate from your MBA course will depend in a large way on the previous work experience that you have to offer employers. Should you have followed the traditional path of many MBA students and built up a few years of work experience before you commence your MBA course you will find it possible to build on this work experience when you look for your post-MBA job. In the world of finance and consultancy, many of the large companies will have a specialist recruitment programme for MBAs. What you can also do is to use the contacts that you got from your previous employment to look for new opportunities.


Some people, and it must be emphasized that this is strongly discouraged, will do their MBA directly after a first degree. Thus they will not have substantial work experience which you can leverage to get a job. In this case you will be looking at the normal "entry-level" graduate recruitment programmes. In this situation, the MBA that you have should give you an advantage over other people on the program because you will be likely to have better business knowledge and job-related skills from doing the degree.

The skills that you pick up in addition to the "hard" skills such as quantitative and financial analysis skills, are the "soft" skills such as written and verbal communications, problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, time management and cross-cultural awareness. The fact that you have taken an MBA should provide evidence of these skills, but also if you are taking an MBA course directly after your undergraduate course then you may have had casual vacation and part-time jobs. You should remember to emphasis your skills and experience in your job applications as much as you emphasize your MBA, and this is true whether or not the experience has been as a manager.

Typical of the kind of careers that MBA graduates go to are investment advisers for banks, staff accountants at major accountancies, marketing managers at telecommunications companies, management consultants at the global consultancies, research executive for a market research firm, business analysts at banks and performance analysts at rail companies.

Others have gone into financial regulation at the Financial Services Authority, into advertising companies, into IT sales, and law firms.

The main point to make is that the MBA prepares you for almost every role. The core curriculum aims to provide you with a grounding in all the main disciplines, and the electives can help you specialize or continue to generalize. Some of the most successful post-MBA careers have been as self-employed consultants or people who have started their own business. The world will be your oyster.