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GMAT Preparation & Strategies

GMAT Preparation & Strategies

Are there any GMAT test-taking strategies?

First things first - do not be nervous, in order to focus better you need to be calm. We understand that this is difficult to do but you need to make sure that you arrive at the center where you are taking your test well prepared, rested, knowing what you should expect and fully equipped with some really solid test-taking strategies.

Before you go to sleep the night before the test, you should get fully prepared. This should include making sure that everything that you need to bring to the test center is easily accessible. Should you prepare yourself properly and get a good amount of sleep, then you will be fine.


When you get to the test center, you should read all the test directions very carefully. When you are at the start of the each of the test sections, you will find that the number of questions you are about to take and the time that you have in which to take the test will be stated. One of the criteria for your test score is how many questions you actually answer, so you should try to answer as many questions as you can.

Before you answer each question you should read it very carefully. Some people try to gain time by reading too quickly, meaning they could miss a very important part of the questions or find that they are glossing over the correct answer. You can't skip from question to question, and you cannot move onto the next question until you have answered the question that is on the screen in front of you. Therefore, you will need to confirm your answer once you have selected it, and if you change your mind you can just select a different answer before confirming. Should you need to review the test directions, you just have to click on the HELP icon.

Time management is vital. The quantitative section gives you two minutes per question and the verbal section gives you 1.75 minutes a question. You should always look at how many questions you have left in a section. Clicking on help or hiding the time information doesn't stop or pause the time. Neither will taking an unscheduled break stop or pause the time. You should replenish your scratch paper supply during every break, and only make a guess if a question is just too time-consuming.

Once you exit a section, you can't return to it. Should you select "Test Quit" you will not receive a score at all, even if you have answered every question but the last one. For both "Section Exit" and "Test Quit" you will have to confirm, so should you click those buttons by mistake or you change your mind, you still can.