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MBA Business Project

MBA Business Project

How do I get Myself a Business Project?

The business project is where you perform some research on a problem or an issue that a business has and recommend a solution to the problem or the issue. There has to be an analytical rigour to the work that you do, you can't just make tea for a company and call it a project. The business research project is a great opportunity for a company to "try you out" or for you to get a company's name on your CV without them having to make a commitment to hire you permanently. In fact, they may say when you go to work for them that there is no chance at all of your getting a job there but will be so impressed with you and/or your work that they hire you anyway! Even if that didn't happen you can use your business project as a sort of calling card.


Other companies in that sector will always be interested in your work and companies in other sectors are interested in the fact that you are able to conduct a research project of that length of time.

The company benefits from this initiative because they can have someone to analyze a market that they are going into or analyze strategic directions for the company or set up a better operational system or anything like that. You could also conduct research on their behalf that they can publicize to make them look like experts in a certain subject that reflects the clients that they want to attract. So both sides benefit from the deal. But how do you go about getting yourself a business project?

First of all - the business project will commence during the summer of your MBA course. So you start your course in September and you will be starting the project in July and it will last until September or October. If you are on a 2 year course then the business project acts as your internship between the two years of the course. On a one year course it is the final part of your course.

You shouldn't start looking for a business project in the Spring, you should start talking to people as soon as you start the course. Many projects are achieved through networking.

The careers department at your school will help you. They should be able to send out a CV book of people on your course to advertise your "wares".

The school may also organize a project evening where prospective project companies will come to meet as many people as possible to discuss possible projects.

You should also respond to adverts put on the careers website on at the business school. Once you've found one then it's just like going for a job.