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Edinburgh MBA

Edinburgh MBA

Is there an Edinburgh MBA?

Edinburgh is a very famous city. The capital of Scotland, it contains the Scottish Parliament as well as the famous Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street and the Royal Mile. The famous rugby ground of Murrayfield is in there, and Edinburgh comes into its own on New Year's Eve when the traditional Hogmany celebrations take over the city.

Edinburgh Management school offers an "Edinburgh MBA" which is a course for general management covering the main disciplines of management whilst allowing specialization across a wide range of areas. There are three variants of the Edinburgh MBA, the 12 month full-time MBA, the 15 month International Business MBA, involving a study and work placement abroad, and then there is the 30 month part-time MBA, taught in the evenings. 


There are more than 60 teaching staff at the management school, and these staff originate from more than 16 countries, which augments the international scope of the school. Many of these staff are continually active in research and consultancy roles for government bodies as well as commercial organizations. They then feed this broad-based research work into the quality of their teaching, for the benefit of course participants.

The school's external relationships are co-ordinated by the Alumni, Careers and Corporate Relations Network (ACCORN). Involved in this network are leading business figures who contribute to the individual courses as well as offering a programme of visiting speakers. The Chairman of the International Standards Board, Sir David Tweedie, has been appointed as a visiting faculty member along with other leading figures. Direct insight into current management and business practice is provided by the informal contact as well as the teaching of these experienced and well-connected industry figures.

The School also supports numerous research centers, which contribute to local and national as well as international organizations, including leading business figures in addition to academics into the work that they produce. The School also organizes and hosts conferences for national and international audiences. This includes exchange@edinburgh, which is an annual e-commerce conference.

The School's knowledge network is the alumni body, which is connected to the academic and student communities via a secure and dedicated on-line facility. Alumni can thus maintain contact with each other and the school and also allows business ideas to be shared and solutions for business issues to be identified. It also allows for students to seek advice and help from the 3,000 strong alumni.

Something special at Edinburgh are the Outdoor Development Weekends, developed jointly by the staff and specialists that run the Outdoor Centre on Loch Tay's banks. They are not designed as an arduous physical challenge but more to socialize and develop management ideas and techniques, in addition to being set in the beautiful surroundings of the Highlands of Scotland.