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Durham MBA

Durham MBA

Is there a Durham MBA?

Durham is a town in the north east of England. It is commonly regarded as one of the more beautiful European cities, offering a very good quality of life and its friendliness. In fact, the business school says that it feels that Durham offers the best quality of life of any similar university. Academically, the university is known as one of the top five universities in England, with its collegiate system reminiscent of that of Cambridge and Oxford universities. The Times newspaper said itself that with Durham University being the third oldest such institution in England after the Oxbridge universities, its academic reputation helps it to stay at the top of the graduate employment league tables. Durham Business School can benefit.


Durham Business School was one of the first business schools to be established in Great Britain and the MBA programmes that it offers - the Full-time course, part-time course and distance learning - are all accredited by the AMBA. During the 1990s, the Durham MBA's reputation grew and grew. The course was designed to enable students to prosper whether they want a broad and generalist programme or they wish to take a more specialist route. Recently, an MBA review took place of the course to make sure that the programme is more integrated and focused relevant to the international business environment that exists in this new century.

The current class have an average age of 32, which makes them appropriately experienced to learn from one another and get the most out of their course. Also, with the participants coming from over 30 countries the course can call itself genuinely international. There are still 40% of students from the United Kingdom . The aim of the recruitment team has been to try to make the course attractive to an experienced group and a diverse group. There is also an above average number of women students, which is testament to the supportive culture of Durham Business School .  This support is what you need to develop and grow in this very challenging year. For instance, the staff-student ratio is a lot smaller than normal, which enables you to receive more regular one-to-one advice and help than usual. 

For students who do not come from the area, which may be many, Durham offers a good amount of high quality accommodation at a modest cost which can help to create for you the right study environment.

The reputation of your business school is important. You should remember that the MBA is becoming the minimum qualification for people to become senior managers. Therefore you have to be distinguished from others - which you can do by making sure that your business school is well-known as well as highly regarded.