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Distance Learning MBA

Distance Learning MBA

Can you do an MBA by distance learning?

Distance learning is where instruction is delivered and course work is fulfilled from a remote location. This method of delivery allows students and instructors to interact with each other even though they are not in the same place. Many institutions are offering distance learning courses and many students are going for them due to the ability of new technologies to make distance far less of an object than it has been before. Unique modes of learning and teaching have been made possible by the video conferencing, the Internet, e-mail and other interactive systems allowing schools to utilize resources not residing on their own campus and attract both faculty and students from far away who cannot get to campus often. The MBA course is offered this way, and in fact it has opened up this qualification more than ever.


The main advantage of distance learning appears to be that it causes less disruption to your professional life than any other way of studying for your MBA. If people need to enhance their careers or maybe need to broaden a skill set, maintain a professional license or need some other kind of specific training then a distance learning MBA is good. It is particularly good for managers not able to afford the time that is often required by taking a full-time MBA degree and may not even need the credentials available from such a program. Managers can pick up new theories and knowledge in this manner.

Other potential advantages of distance learning is that they require less time commitment than other types of study do. Obviously the course will offer you more geographic flexibility and as it is offering it to so many others you'll be on a course with a very diverse student population. Faculty can be accessed in many different locations. You can also schedule your class work around more professional and personal commitments. In fact it is so flexible that some people who like structure may find it disconcerting.

Limitation of distance learning include the fact that you have only limited contact with your fellow classmates and your faculty, which limits greatly your networking opportunities which is a major part of the draw of the MBA for some people. If you are looking for a switch in career or you work better in an interactive environment distance learning is probably not for you.

Other disadvantages are that you may not find many conventional student services such as career placement available to you. You will find your choice very limited between courses as there aren't many available. Finally, as you work throughout the program and expenses are spread over a longer period, it is unlikely you'll be able to get scholarship money.