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Cranfield MBA

Cranfield MBA

What is the Cranfield MBA?

Cranfield business school is located near to Milton Keynes and Cambridge , about an hour's drive away from London . Rail services run frequently into London and to the north and there is a good range of flights to and from Luton Airport , which is nearby. Do not group it as a " London " MBA course. It is not IN London. The campus is extensive (the "field" in Cranfield is quite literal). There is a lot of free car-parking, and there is housing on-campus as well as recreation and sports facilities.


Cranfield say that their international MBA programme is one of the best in the world. This is backed up by some independent verification, as the Economist Intelligence Unit published a survey in October 2003 which placed Cranfield 11th in the world. It has accreditation from AACSB International, AMBA and EQUIS, making it part of a select group who are accredited by all three bodies. Thus, they believe that they offer an extremely high quality learning experience at a school with a reputation that is fast growing internationally.

Cranfield talk of the personalised experience they offer you. You get practical skills and techniques, but also help you to gain insights about you, so that after Cranfield you can manage effectively and have confidence in your leadership and team-working skills that can only come from gaining a real understanding of your personality and your capabilities.

You can customize your MBA by picking the right electives and choosing the right scope and scale of project work. Faculty are always accessible to you, in particular because all faculty are full-time committed to the programme.

Learning is done interactively and the experience of students and faculty are drawn upon. The faculty are not straight lecturers - rather they are facilitators in the learning process.

Case studies are used as the centerpiece for about 40% of the learning which takes place at Cranfield. The learning process is enriched there by the combination of experience and maturity of the students and the case studies. Case studies emphasize problem-solving as well as analytical techniques. You can get practice in committing yourself to decisions, and implementing solutions to problems and policies.

Project work plays an important role in underpinning the process of learning. It is available in the electives on the Full-time MBA and is even more widely used on the executive part-time and modular courses.

The faculty at Cranfield includes over 100 permanent staff, bolstered by about 40 visiting lecturers and professors. All of these staff members are highly qualified and also will possess significant levels of experience in industry and commerce. The strength of their experience is reinforced by consultancy, sponsored work and teaching on executive development programs.