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Cass MBA

Cass MBA

What is the Cass MBA?

The Sir John Cass Business School is located in the City of London in Moorgate, right in the middle of the major London financial institutions. It is a part of City University , although it is a separate building about a mile away. The school used to be called the City University Business School (CUBS for short). The name was changed when a generous endowment was granted in the name of Sir John Cass in 2002 which helped the new building in Bunhill Row, Moorgate, be built.


The business school offers undergraduate, executive education, specialist masters and MBA degrees. It has over 1500 students, served by more than 100 full time and 150 part-time staff. Research is undertaken which is of national and international significance, and the school supports more than 100 phD students.

The reputation of Cass Business School for excellence is fortified by external assessments, current and past student endorsements as well as the extensive links that it has with the world of finance and business. The new building is stylish and spacious, maintaining Cass' unique physical presence in London 's City area. This means that the school could well be coming to a particularly successful era.

The leader of the school is Lord Currie, who has been in the news lately as he is also the Chairman of OFCOM, the new regulatory for communications and media.

Cass Business School alumni that are in business around the world stretch from Birmingham to Beijing and from Sri Lanka to San Francisco . Amongst the alumni of the school are Stelios Haji-Iannou - who is the founder of Easyjet, and Liu Ming-Kang, the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman.

Cass Business School say that an MBA degree will tell your potential employers and peers a lot about you, such as that you possess enough intellectual rigour to master and complete an academically challenging course of study. It also says that you rise to your challenges.

The school aims to produce graduates that are knowledgeable and skilled business managers. These people should be able to offer strategic direction, influence people, and make very good use of the human, technological, financial and material resources available to them.

The location is a physical expression of the fundamental beliefs of Cass Business School . Business is not a theoretical science but a practical one. Yes, there is a body of academic content, but throughout the programmes the emphasis is on how the academic knowledge you are taught can be applied in the real world.

The FT EMBA survey ranked the part-time course 3rd in the UK and in the world it became 15th. The FT business survey put the Cass MBA 7th in the UK for the Full-time course. The MBA is accredited by both AMBA and EQUIS.