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Cambridge MBA

Cambridge MBA

Is there a Cambridge MBA?

Cambridge University do have an MBA course, and you can take it at the Judge Institute of Management. The course is an intensive one-year programme which is shaped and then re-shaped by the business world's new realities. The programme is truly international, with both the student body and the faculty being from an eclectic geographical and cultural mix and offering a good range of research interests and international experience. The student body last year comprised 122 students yet managed to represent 38 nationalities, from Russia to North America to Peru to New Zealand and many, many more. The Judge institute says that being international must be more than simply a slogan, it needs to be at the heart of all that you do at a business school.


The University of Cambridge is one of the foremost centres of learning in the world. It was founded in the 13th century and developed a worldwide reputation for performing cutting-edge research, resulting in the awarding of more than 60 Nobel Prizes. Work has been pioneered into the understanding of diseases, the creation of new materials, and the origins of life and the universe. The very best lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers and architects have been trained at Cambridge University . The Judge Institute of Management is likewise trying to train the very best business leaders for the future

The Cambridge MBA attempts to be as wide as possible in who the course is aimed that. They wish to encourage people from all cultures, sectors and disciplines to join the collaborative and diverse teams who share their experiences, contributing to their unique perspective. When you have a learning experience involving an entrepreneur from India working with a scientist from France and a banker from Argentina working with an accountant from Hong Kong you cannot help but find some creative and rigorous solutions to the business problems of today.

The programme is highly practical, and includes two consulting projects where classroom learning is applied to the real-life business issues. The first project is going to involve working with the many entrepreneurial firms that are located in the high tech cluster surrounding Cambridge . This is what marks Cambridge out as the most dynamic region for the commercialization of science and innovation in Europe . Your second project can be anywhere in the world. Usually it involves consulting to a much large blue-chip corporation. Students in the past year have worked with multinational organizations in the United States , China , Africa and across Europe.

The course is intellectually demanding in the best traditions of Cambridge University . The classes are small, and the staff-student ratio is exceptionally good. High interaction has been encouraged between faculty and students, continuing an 800 year-old tradition.